Floor Puzzle Shiny Dinosaur

These adorably designed floor puzzles have shiny foil accents for extra fun. Puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy, with unique shapes for curious minds, including a butterfly, a star and more! • Develops visual recognition, fine-motor skills and problem-solving • Great for classrooms or at home •

  • Brand: Peaceable Kingdom
  • 1 puzzle approximately 609.6 x 914.4mm once assembled, includes storage box with a corded handle for easy carrying.
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 5 and up

Damaged Packaging

We received this puzzle in from our supplier and the packaging does not meet our high standards for how we like to present our items to customers.  We have reduced the price due to the damaged box the puzzle comes in.  The damage is a tear on the top of the box and small holes in the side of the box.  Please note the puzzle itself is not damaged. This product is unable to be returned or refunded due to the damaged packaging.

Shiny Dinosaur Floor Puzzle - Damaged Packaging Reduced Price

Shiny Dinosaur Floor Puzzle - Damaged Packaging Reduced Price

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