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Riot Club Junior Navy Shorts - Only 1 Left!

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Casual or formal wear these shorts will work well for either. Match them up with a Riot Club T-Shirt for the perfect outfit.

Brand: Riot Club

100% Cotton

Made in China

UK Imported

Fit: Width measurements are taken across the top, seam to seam, front side only. Length are taken from the top to to the bottom hem line, front side only.

Size Width (cm)  Length (cm)
3-4 24 28
4-5 27 29
6-7 29 32
7-8 30 35

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Age Height Chest Waist Hip
2-3 92-98cm 53-55cm 52-53cm 56-58cm
3-4 98-104cm 55-57cm 53-54cm 58-60cm
4-5 104-110cm 57-59cm 54-55cm 60-62cm
5-6 110-116cm 59-61cm 55-57cm 62-65cm
6-7 116-122cm 61-63cm 57-58cm 65-68cm
7-8 112-128cm  63-67cm 58-60cm 68-70cm
8-9 128-135cm 67-70cm 60-62cm 70-73cm
9-10 135-140cm 70-73cm 62-64cm 73-76cm
10-11 140-146cm 73-76cm 64-66cm 76-79cm
11-12 146-152cm 76-79cm 66-68cm 79-82cm
12-13 152-158cm 79-82cm 68-70cm 82-85cm
13-14 158-164cm 82-86cm 70-73cm 85-88cm