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Coop - Merino Crew - Lamington Socks

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Coop - half named after the cross hatch of chicken coop wire, half named after the son of one of the Lamington Socks staff. Black crosses on Grey Marle. x x x 

  • New Zealand Made
  • 70% Merino wool
  • Sizes knitted into every pair so no confusion over whose are whose!

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Unisex 2-16


Age Height Chest Waist Hip
2-3 years 92-98cm 53-55cm 52-53cm 56-58cm
3-4 years 98-104cm 55-57cm 53-54cm 58-60cm
4-5 years 104-110cm 57-59cm 54-55cm 60-62cm
5-6 years 110-116cm 59-61cm 55-57cm 62-66cm
6-7 years 116-122cm 61-63cm 57-58cm 65-68cm
7-8 years 112-128cm 63-67cm 59-60cm 68-71cm