Level 4 - Shipping Essential Parcels

My Kids Clothing has been given government approval for supplying essential items during the Level 4 Lockdown. All items in the Essential collection are available during this time.  Only items marked 'ESSENTIAL ITEM' may be sent during level 4, all other parcels will be sent during Level 3.



We will have the following changes to how our parcels are delivered:

* Orders will only be sent on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - this is to help limit the contact our couriers have. Please expect delays for your order to be processed, it may not go on the Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday closest to when you purchased. Please expect delays with the courier delivery as I am sure you can appreciate they are busy.

* At the checkout there are 2 shipment options for level 3 and level 4 shipping.  Please only choose level 4 shipping if your parcel contains  items labelled with 'Essential Item' only.  If you have a  parcel which contains a mixture of essential and non essential, this will be sent once we are in level 3.

* Items that are not essential include: Bags, Lunch Boxes/Bags, Drink Bottles, Nail Polish, Hair Accessories, Glow in the Dark products and all MadMia products.  Please select  Level 3 shipping for these items.

* We will not be sending business cards or stickers with your parcels.

* Some of our clothing items come wrapped in their own plastic bag, if this is the case we will send like this instead of opening and wrapping in tissue paper - this will minimise my contact with your clothing. Items that do not come in their own plastic bag will still be wrapped in tissue paper to protect them.

* Once you have received your item, please check the sizing looks right and then wash, according to washing instructions, before allowing your children to wear.

How am I keeping you safe?:

* Our clothing and educational products are stored in a stand alone shop on our property. Only I will be entering this building.
* I will be washing my hands and sanitising them before wrapping each parcel. 
* I will be regularly cleaning my work station.
* All parcels will be held for the courier in an area that is safe for them to collect from. All courier containers will be disinfected each day.

How can you keep yourselves, us, our couriers and NZ safe?

By only selecting Level 4 shipping for essential clothing and educational products, if you absolutely need them.  Please select Level 3 shipping if you don't need your parcel straight away but would like to support us.

During this time we have lowered our Free Shipping Rate to purchases $75 and over.

Thank you for choosing to support My Kids Clothing. I am happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Please email info@mykidsclothing.co.nz

Michaela, Matthew and Master G x