Inspired By Kids Collection

At My Kids Clothing, we believe that what kids want to wear matters; we think they should have a say in how they dress! So armed with a passion to let kids explore their creative expression and individuality, we went out into the world and started asking kids and their parents for suggestions. They had lots of amazing ideas for us, which we then took to local NZ designers and had made into a range of cool designs for kids to enjoy! If that’s not cool enough, did you know that all My Kids Clothing designs are:

  • Limited Edition (No mass production and new designs are always being added!) 
  • Exclusive to My Kids Clothing (You won’t find our designs anywhere else)
  • Unisex ( All of our clothes have been made for both boys and girls)
  • Ethically made (That means everyone has been paid and treated fairly in the making of these clothes)
  • All printed right here in New Zealand  


So, next time someone asks: "What is your kid wearing?" You can say: "My Kids Clothing" because… well, it truly is!


My Kids Clothing: Designs inspired by kids, for kids!


If you want to add your own creative suggestion for a clothing design, simply visit our website at: [](Link Here)